Fall Management Products

Help reduce the frequency and severity of falls with fall management equipment from OnCare™. These smarter, better-performing fall management products include the VitalGo Total Lift Bed™, Harmony™ Low Bed and Bedside Guardian™ Fall Mat.


VitalGo Total Lift Bed™

Harmony™ Low Bed

Bedside Guardian™ Fall Mat

VitalGo Total Lift Bed Harmony Low Bed Bedside Guardian Fall Mat
The OnCare™ VitalGo Total Lift Bed™ Low Bed tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between. With the ability to gradually increase patient weight bearing abilities, patient and caregiver safety is optimized. The OnCare™ Harmony™ Low Bed helps caregivers achieve optimum patient safety and outcomes. A minimum deck height below 10 inches, bed exit alarm and triple-guard anti-entrapment system help minimize injuries for improved fall management. The OnCare™ Bedside Guardian™ Fall Mat helps minimize fall-related injuries. The Bedside Guardian provides a comprehensive fall management solution that lowers patient trauma and reduces fall-related expenses.
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