Comfort-X™ Mattress

Comfort-X Pressure Redistribution Mattress

The OnCare™ Comfort-X™ mattress features the same quality materials and construction found in highly advanced, non-powered surfaces. Its cost-effective, simple design provides effective pressure redistribution to a diverse patient population. A number of optional features such as firm edge and secure edge allow you to meet your facility's unique needs.

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  • Engineered Foam

    Comfort-X Mattress - Engineered Foam

    Specially engineered foam layers provide targeted support and pressure redistribution

  • Optional Firm Edges

    Comfort-X Mattress - Ultra firm edges

    Optional ultra-firm edges facilitate safer, more secure transfers

  • Antibacterial Top Cover

    Comfort-X Mattress - Top cover

    Top cover is non-shear waterproof, vapor proof and antibacterial to maximize infection control

  • Optional Secure Edges

    Comfort-X Mattress - Secure Edges

    Optional secure edges help retain patients on the sleep surface



- A layer of high-resiliency top foam provides overall comfort and pressure redistribution

- A supportive foundation helps prevent bottoming out

Firm Edging

- High-density, firm edging provides seating support for patient

- Firm edging is bonded to the core and top foam for greater strength and durability

Secure Edging

- Ultra-firm edging rises above the horizon of the sleep surface to direct patients away from the edge of the bed and an accidental fall

- Soft central exit area to facilitate sitting at the edge of the bed

Comfort-X Mattress Features



Comfort-X Mattress - Options

* Customized sizes and removable bolsters available.

Note: Comfort-X™ is a trademark of Comfortex, an Avatar Enterprises Inc. Company